What do our clients say about us?

Matthew gave me a complete, in depth review of my investments. On his advice I changed certain parts of my portfolio which has proved to be financially astute. He was also very helpful and gave excellent advice when my pension matured. At our twice yearly meetings Matthew gives a detailed presentation of how my investments have performed which I find extremely informative. He also provides a hard copy spreadsheet. Matthew is always well informed and gives impartial and appropriate recommendations. He is easily contactable and always conducts himself professionally. He is a good communicator, always enthusiastic and shows integrity. I was introduced to Matthew by my Accountant and I, in turn, have passed on his details with confidence to friends.

Sally, Failand

Matthew leaves no stone unturned to ensure that he completely understands your financial position properly. He also makes sure that you understand it properly too before you purchase any further products or services from him, so you can make an informed decision. He also acts for my clients as I'm a small business accountant and on numerous occasions, he has saved my clients money by understanding their positions better and thereby removing unnecessary products.

Jessica, Chippenham

It is difficult to put a price on the quality of advice and service that Matthew has provided for me over the last few years and feel so lucky to have him looking after my financial wellbeing and would trust him to do this for other people. He is very easy to work with and helps explain everything in a simple manner which has meant I finally feel confident in what all my investments and savings are doing. Furthermore, he has made me a lot more money and income than I would have ever got from any banks and has put my mind at rest when it comes to managing my finances and in the current uncertain economic climate is worth far more than any of the fees I have invested in seeking Matthews advice. I needed to ensure my savings and investments were working as hard as they could for me and were invested in the best accounts and investments in line with my level of risk. I needed to make sure I had sufficient income to ensure my later life was as comfortable as it could be and that I did not pay anymore tax than I had to and could set up a few trusts for my family. I also wanted reassurance that I received ongoing advice and reviews and could pick up the phone or email whenever I have a query and Matthew always finds time to speak to me and helps me understand all the financial paperwork.

Joan, London

I have been a client of Matthew's for five years, 2012 to 2017. I returned from New Zealand with a small nest egg that was needed to support my life back in UK. Matthew was recommended by a friend. During the time he has looked after me, I have appreciated Matthew's careful listening. Understanding that I'm relatively conservative and low-risk. Matthew put together and managed a portfolio of ethical funds for me. His professional and personal support have far exceeded my expectations. Matthew watches the markets all the time, which I neither have the knowledge or the motivation to do. He has clear documentation which he uses to explain the data and his recommendations. Given the volatility of markets, he protects me from having to worry and with Brexit, Trump and North Korea, I know I have a capable, experienced and savvy Financial Adviser to steer me through potential minefields. Matthew always follows visits with an email, attaching everything we have talked about. This means that if I don't 'get it' first time', I can study it afterwards!

I'm delighted with he has helped me achieve and as far as I'm concerned, there is nothing that Matthew could do better as my financial adviser. If there's something happening I should be aware of, I know he will be in touch immediately. Matthew Burman is exceptionally bright, but he's also a family man and very caring. He wants me to do well and I was very lucky to have found him.

Jacqui, Clifton

I have managed my own investments for approximately 20 years, but it came to the stage where I was investing fairly significant sums of money, had less time to focus on it, and was also investing on behalf of other family members. I decided I needed a second opinion. It is a year since I first met Matthew and he has been very helpful. He is friendly, responsive to my random emails, and very knowledgeable. One of the reasons I selected him was because he lives locally, but I now realise he travels across the country to meet his clients. The ability to meet me at home was important though since I wanted my wife to be involved in the process as well. He recommended I move investment platforms (and as a result the overall cost of investment has fallen) and the performance of his selected investments is better than those I was invested in before. He offers a flexible approach, ranging from DIY investing with advice (which I use) to fully managed investing.

Andrew, Sneyd Park


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